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Sep 29 14

A Timely Reminder

by Ewan McCowen

A really rather cool thing happened to me this morning. read more…

Sep 21 14

Our Post-Referendum Future

by Ewan McCowen
Saltire and union flag

‘Change’ is a word that has been shouted from the rooftops up and down Scotland in recent months. It is also worth noting this is the second time in three years that a concerted attempt has been made at electoral reform in the UK. It would be cavalier to suggest that this is merely symptomatic of a recession. Widespread dissatisfaction with the system is real and something has to give before too long. The only discussion in town should therefore be about how to manage that change. read more…

Sep 15 14

Tagine Temptations: An Interesting Business Model

by Ewan McCowen

We were talking in class just before the weekend about the enterprise structure and the subject of how to sub-divide work arose. I was reminded about a cracking takeaway joint in Essaouira, Morocco which, I think, takes an interesting approach to divvying up work. read more…

Sep 11 14

Scotland: Centre of Excellence for…?

by Ewan McCowen

 Last week, Peter Lederer charged the latest intake of Saltire Fellows (which includes me) to think about how we want to help shape and define the enterprise that is Scotland on our return from the USA.

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Sep 4 14

All Change

by Ewan McCowen

A few short weeks ago, I won a place on a programme called The Saltire Foundation. It has been running for about 7 years now, taking groups of Scots out to Boston and putting them through an intensive, experiential MBA programme at Babson College. Its stated aim is to “find, fuel and spark the next generation of business leaders in Scotland”. read more…

Mar 26 14

Curry House Diplomacy

by Ewan McCowen

I’m a great admirer of people who are skilled at diplomacy. And I don’t just mean professional diplomats. Anyone with a quick mind, capable of positively influencing an interaction is impressive in my book. read more…

Mar 3 14

Dear Tesco – What Did I Ever Do To You?

by Ewan McCowen

Being a committed conservationist, I, like millions of others, tuned into the latest installment of Hugh’s Fish Fight this evening. It was good to see some positive reporting on the state of the fishing industry.

But big business is still behaving with alarming irresponsibility in regard to sustainability, believing that spin and black-hat marketing is preferable to change. And as a marketeer, I’m angry that their lack of integrity will inevitably have a negative impact on my industry.

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Dec 2 13

An Introduction to Useability

by Ewan McCowen

Join me on Wednesday 4th December at Edinburgh Business School for a fascinating introduction to user experience, usability and customer journeys.
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Sep 11 13

Your Career: Is It About You or The Work?

by Ewan McCowen

I’m currently re-watching The Wire and it’s blowing my mind all over again; nuanced, graceful, elegant and utterly thrilling.

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Sep 3 13

Understanding Crowdfunding with Bloom VC

by Ewan McCowen



I’m really excited about this event on Thursday 5th September. For one it’s very now! But more importantly I like what Crowdfunding might be doing for start-up businesses.
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